This has technically been in existence since 2008

Sad, I know.  Sue and I thought of the idea of writing a food blog about two years ago, and have discussed it endlessly ever since without doing anything about it.  It should be a great outlet for us, Sue in particular, seeing as for the past few years, every time I want to talk about some emotional issue, Sue wants to talk about tarts or pasta or pomegranate molasses or something.  For me, this combines two of my favorite pastimes: eating and laughing at my own jokes. 

Anyway.  I did a really stupid thing this past weekend, which was make homemade limoncello (hilarious because its made from everclear and we stored it in mason jars, which is oh-so-hillbilly, whereas limoncello is rather elegant) and some flavored vodkas without documenting it for this blog.  My roommate Linda took one sad picture of our beautiful jars and that was it.  Granted, I was high on DayQuil and everclear fumes at the time, but still, I have no excuse.   There are a variety of recipes for limoncello, some recommend you steep the zest for 3 months, some say 1 week.  We’re going to try both.  We’ll be doing the next step in the limoncello-making process this weekend, which I promise to document fully for your (my) amusement.

Fruit in booze.

As a matter of interest, Linda read that pineapple in booze is best kept in the fridge rather than on a windowsill so that neighbors may admire them.  We have since relocated it.

We made a half gallon of limoncello out of everclear and the zest of 15 organic lemons.  Normally I don’t believe in organic fruit, believing instead that it’s a marketing ploy designed to make me look like a chump, but in this case I made an exception as we were using the OUTSIDE of the fruit.  Also, I washed them thoroughly, something else I never do.   For the flavored vodkas, we used a half gallon of lowest-quality-possible to make vodka in 3 flavors: strawberry-tangelo, pineapple and kiwi-lime.  Next limoncello-related, very likely drunken post will be this weekend, stay tuned.




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2 responses to “This has technically been in existence since 2008

  1. Kathy

    Can’t wait to share this with eveeryone. You are a hoot!!!

  2. Bryan

    Oh Cat, you’re so funny.

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