BBQ week!

4th of July barbecues, in all their saucy, sticky, sparkly summer glory, are one of our favorite things.  Meat on a grill, swimmin’ in the lake and at night, watching my dad and uncles set off fireworks from the top of a stepladder (yes, really), were the hallmarks of the 4th of July when I was a kid.  Now, our July 4ths have a lot more to do with beer, lawn chairs and good food.  Because everyone goes to barbecues around this time of year, and because do you really want to bring the neon yellow potato salad from the deli section again? We decided to help you out and put together a list of barbecue ideas.

There are centerpieces coming as well as sides, from easy to not so easy.  Some of them are just good recipes- some of them have sentimental and nostalgic value.  You can look for a new recipe every day until we exhaust our store of recipes.  (Hint- there are a lot, and you can thank Sue, who was the driving force behind the BBQ Week idea, and who sent me daily reminders to get my ass in gear.)  We hope you enjoy.

-Cat and Sue


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  1. bryan

    I didn’t get the list, man. Are you sure you included it in your post?

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