Have you made any of our recipes?

We’d love to know if you have.  We want to post recipes that people actually WANT to make, and your responses will help us do that.  Please comment on this post and let us know if you’ve tried anything we’ve posted- how it turned out, if you had any problems, if there was any information missing from the recipe.  Sue and I share recipes mostly with each other, so we know that the other one knows what we’re talking about – so please tell us if we’re excluding important information!

We’re also interested in knowing  if you have any suggestions of types of food you’d like to see made, photographed and written about; any specific recipes would be welcome as well.  For example- I know we’ve been a bit lazy on the breakfast food front (there are multitudinous reasons for this, including my boyfriend LIVES to go out for brunch so I never end up making it, I am fundamentally incapable of making good pancakes, and there’s no point in trying to out-do Sue’s delicious chorizo biscuits and gravy, I’d rather just let her make it for me).  In addition to breakfast, I think we’ll be including more vegetarian/vegan recipes as well, but we’d like to know what you think!

Thanks to all of you for reading our blog. We love doing this, and really appreciate all of you out there who enjoy it as much as we do!

-Cat and Sue



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7 responses to “Have you made any of our recipes?

  1. Beth

    I made Sue’s chicken, artichoke and mushroom dish lastnight! It was amazing!! Sue has made this for me a few times while hanging out at her apartment enjoying a bottle or two of wine!

    My fiance loved it, he was shocked that I was even capable of making such a meal! I shared the recipe with my sister as well as I know she would love it!!

  2. PJ

    I made the red velvet cupcakes. However, I had a brainfart and set the oven temp to 425 instead of 350. I happened to check on them early and realized my mistake, so they weren’t a total loss. I slathered them with frosting and they turned out ok, but I plan on giving it another shot. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes on take two!

  3. Susie

    Yum. I was 38 weeks pregnant and made your yummy cinnamon rolls. I have wanted to make so many more and will undoubtedly make your semi homemade pizzas sometime this week. LOVE the BBQ week and also the new french muffin recipe. I have to tell you that the thought of being able to make them for dinner during an intermission of toddler time has me hooked. Any quick recipes like that and I’ll be signing up for them every day! Love the blog, love the recipes, and can’t wait for more! ~susie d.

  4. catsue

    susie- yay!!!! i’m so happy to hear that. and we will definitely feature more recipes that come together quickly. maybe you can be the test subject, if it’s three kid-approved, it’s a keeper!!

  5. Amanda Bowser

    Loved the breakfast muffins! The subtle nutmeg flavor was divine. I drizzled with a little honey, might try honey butter next time. Only made 8 though! 🙂 Love the blog all together – I remember making pizzas in your mom’s kitchen in MI, Susan! So much fun!

  6. Carol

    Haven’t made a thing but anytime you want to make something and send it to me with that really cool cold pak stuff- I will take it. while my cooking is limited, my reafing about cooking, recipes and food in general is very pleasurable. besides with your mom and my daughter reading, I am sure to get some of the stuff.

  7. catsue

    car- good point. and, as always, i’m just happy to hear you’re reading.

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