Cat and Sue Cook Together For Once: Volume 1

It’s been awhile since either Sue or I posted, and a big part of the reason is that I went to Denver over Labor Day/Sue’s birthday weekend.  It was REALLY fun- Sue and I cooked a lot, and all the time we spent not cooking, we spent eating, or at least talking about what we were gonna eat.  I dimly remember one or two conversations about feelings, but mostly we talked about food.  And ate a lot of cheese (a lot, possibly a pound, and I ate all Sue’s sweet pickles, again).  And drank a lot of wine.

here is what happens when you drink a lot of wine and have a camera in your pocket.

And hung out  with some of my favorite people.   And played bags on the roof.  And I whined about the sun being too close to me.  And Nick (Sue’s boyfriend) cooked steaks RIGHT ON THE COALS and they were delicious.  And we ate a delicious dinner at Root Down (also with favorite people).  And I lost my voice for a whole day.  And Sue taught me how to make her shortbread (and made me swear to take the recipe with me to my grave).  And it was a fantastic weekend.

This post inaugurates our Cat and Sue Cook Together For Once series, so you’ll see exactly what we made well, and exactly what failed.

Sue and I actually get along quite well in the kitchen, even given our somewhat contradictory styles, and our mutual tendency to always want things our own way.  We compromised really well though, even in light of a few issues and one hilarious disaster, which I’ll detail later.  We did make some fabulous food though- especially one dinner, which is unique for us in that we didn’t use any recipes, we made it up, from start to finish.  Posts will be as follows:

Volume 1: Intro, and rambling

Volume 2: Pan fried Gruyere polenta cakes, with creamy braised leeks, seared diver scallops and a roasted tomato reduction

Volume 3: Vegetable samosas with mango chutney

Volume 4: Peach ice cream with blackberry sauce and dulce de leche shortbread, or Disaster Edition

Volume 5: Sweet corn and heirloom tomato salad

Volume 6: Caramelized onion dip, or How Sue Owes Cat an Apology

Volume 7: Oven fries with two sauces, or How Cat Owes Sue an Apology

Volume 8: Sue’s Birthday Cupcakes: lemon cake with white chocolate swiss buttercream frosting and blueberries

Look for upcoming posts!

aaaaand here we are looking like actual people.


Cat and Sue



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2 responses to “Cat and Sue Cook Together For Once: Volume 1

  1. Mom

    You two are adorable and I can’t wait for the upcoming posts.

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