Cat and Sue Cook Together for Once,Volume 4: Disaster Edition

For our delicious scallops dinner, we decided to make peach ice cream, with blackberry sauce and dulce de leche shortbread for dessert.


Let me start by telling you the things that went perfectly: the blackberry sauce.

Now the things that went not so perfectly: everything else.

We blanched and peeled the peaches, pureed one half, and the other half I chopped into a beautiful tiny dice on one of Sue’s nice bamboo cutting boards.  We set the peaches to macerate in a little honey and lemon juice while the custard cooled in the fridge.

For the blackberry sauce, we put a pint of blackberries, a 1/4 cup of sugar and the juice from one lime in a sauce pan and brought it to a bubble.  When a nice sauce appeared, we pureed it and strained it.  Done.

For the shortbread- we baked it in a round cake tin (the recipe is a Croal family secret, sorry) with the idea that we’d cut it into wedges.  We heated some pre-made dulce de leche and drizzled it, very prettily, over the shortbread when it was nearly done baking.  It was really attractive, and Sue and I spent some time admiring it until we realized that to get the shortbread out of the pan required turning it upside down onto a plate or something.  And we had just drizzled it with a lot of sticky caramel.  Well- we turned it out anyway.  And the entire top layer of shortbread and drizzle stuck to the cutting board.  Amidst much laughter and scraping of dulce de leche/shortbread bits from the cutting board into our mouths, we agreed that we could just drizzle them again and no one would notice.  And they didn’t.

Post-dinner, Sue and I came in from the roof deck to get the peach custard/peach chunks mixture going in the machine (it takes 15-20 minutes), went back outside for another drink, and came back in a bit later to find the ice cream machine exploding everywhere with peach ice cream.  Laughing, freaking out, covered in ice cream, we scraped ice cream out of the machine into a bowl, and got to tasting.

Ensuing conversation:

Me, to myself, in my head: Hmm, I must have much garlickier fingers than I thought from that garlic I chopped earlier, this ice cream is peachy and fantastic but also tastes kind of like garlic.

Sue, to me, aloud: “Hmm, I must have much garlickier fingers than I thought from that garlic I chopped earlier, this ice cream is peachy and fantastic but also tastes kind of like garlic.”

Me:  …… “WHAT?  I was just thinking the same thing, and also, you didn’t chop any garlic, I did.”

Sue:  ….  “Oh shit.”

Me:  ……

Sue: …….

….10 minute interlude for helpless-roll-on-the-floor-pee-your-pants laughing as we realize we chopped garlic on the same cutting board as the peaches I cut up and the resulting ice cream definitely took on a distinct garlicky flavor.

So, we made peach-garlic ice cream.  Hundreds of jokes were borne of that ice cream- this is taking the wacky sweet/savory ice cream thing way too far…this would be great with some grilled pork…next ice cream idea: raspberry and salmon…

We served the ice cream anyway, and everyone agreed it was gross.  And hilarious.  Luckily the shortbread was fantastic, and there was lots of wine, so nobody cared.  But here’s the lesson: wood absorbs flavors, no matter how well you wash it.  I think it’s best to get a plastic cutting board for garlic and onions, like you have for raw meat, or at least a wooden one you ONLY use for garlic and onions.

– Cat



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4 responses to “Cat and Sue Cook Together for Once,Volume 4: Disaster Edition

  1. Audrey - Mom

    Now that was a funny post!! You had lots of fun with that. Glad everything doesn’t turn out perfect, it makes me feel better =) Love, Mom

  2. Kathy

    I laughed out loud and wished I had been there…

  3. catsue

    Mrs. Croal- it was the biggest, most hilarious failure ever. you could clearly taste the garlic. it was awful.
    Mom- if you had, you’d have been eating that caramel/shortbread off the cutting board with me, the Croal shortbread is the best shortbread i’ve ever had in my life.

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