Thanksgiving Week!!

This is hands down one of my favorite times of year. First- you get Thanksgiving, a holiday where friends and family get together to eat (of course we love this). Then comes Thanksgiving leftovers, which in my opinion are sometimes even better than the Thanksgiving feast. Then as soon as you lose the 10 lbs you gained on Thanksgiving it’s time for Christmas cookies!

For our Thanksgiving things week we are focusing on classic sides. Homemade stuffings, green bean casserole made from scratch, things like that. Some of these things are recipes from our families, and some are new. You should probably go ahead and plan to make room for at least one of these on your Thanksgiving table this year.

Would you like a Thanksgiving tip?

Make a schedule. Growing up my Dad was the Thanksgiving man, he planned out exactly when the turkey needed to go in the oven, exactly when the rolls needed to be made so they would have time to rise, exactly when the green bean casserole needed to be prepped, even what time he needed to baste the turkey…and you know what, every year everything got to the table hot. My first few Thanksgivings away from home, mine did not work out like this. So last year I had Big Dave help me and it was flawless (okay, not quite flawless, but pretty damn close). Have your recipes ready, plan backwards from when you want to eat, account for prep time, rise time, cooking time, meat resting time, and you too can have a warm juicy turkey and rolls fresh from the oven!

Another tip for amazing turkey- brine it (unless you buy Butterball, those are already injected with brine) and be sure to let it rest before you slice it.

Is it November 25th yet?


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