Cat Wrote About a Burger, and Won a Contest

We have a couple of weekly papers in Portland, one of which is the Willamette Week.  (Word of advice- if you think it’s pronounced WILL-amette, you’ll probably get punched.  Oregonians are odd- they say Will-AM-ette.  Weird.)  Anyway, Dom came across a silly contest in it one week, which was to write 200 words about the best thing you’ve eaten in Portland.  Well, I entered, and I won free brunch.  Here’s the link to the thing, and also my super food porn-y entry.  And yes, I wrote it about a burger.

Dick’s Kitchen Elvis Burger

Vegans, look away.

This thing drips butter, gently melted pimiento cheese, and hot, rich burger juice down your elbow when you pick it up.  Lick it.  Take the first bite, feel the airy bun, toasted lightly on the insides, moistened by the butter and juice; it sticks to your lips.  Feel the tenderness of that grass fed, Oregon beef under your teeth.  The pimiento cheese will be making its appearance about now—some tang, some creaminess—proving texture can be just as important as flavor; its velvety, vaguely sweet smoothness helps the salty, earthy beef flavor along.  A sliver of raw onion provides a crisp crunch on the far side of that first mouthful, freshness just noticeable enough to enhance the savory burger.  House-made pickles adorn the plate as well, best as a vinegary in-between-bites foil to all that meaty lavishness.  Gilding the lily: chipotle aioli on the side, spicy and sweet, lightly rosy and flecked with bits of pepper.

Enjoy, and eat a salad tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Cat Wrote About a Burger, and Won a Contest

  1. Pam

    One of your moms, Audrey, brought the cranberrry almond muffins in to our work yesterday, they were soooo good, that I had to come here to look for the recipe. For sure, you would be proud of her. Thanks!

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