About Catsue. Bless you. Let’s eat!

Welcome to Catsue.  Bless you.  Let’s eat!

We are Cat and Sue. We’ve been best friends for most of our lives.  When we were in high school, we were together so much that people said our names together instead of separately, like…CatSue.  One day a friend pointed out that when you said our names together it sounds like a sneeze, and indeed it does: catSUE!  Because we both love to cook, and eat, and talk about food, and go out to dinner, and talk about going out to dinner, this blog chronicles our love of food.

You can read more about us and our many food-related eccentricities here.

Cat lives in Portland, OR.  Sue lives in Denver, CO.

You can reach us at catsueblessyou(at)gmail(dot)com