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CSA Week 1

CSA= community supported agriculture= the best way to support a local farm AND eat fresh local produce.

Last post, I mentioned I had joined a CSA for the summer, so (through the fall) each week I will post what I get in my CSA basket and what I plan to do with it.

One of the challenges of using a CSA is learning how to effectively use your basket. There is often a chance you will get something you are either completely unfamiliar with or something you just plain don’t like. At the CSA pick up, they have a trade basket- for those things you either truly hate, are allergic to etc.  You put in what you don’t want and someone else takes it home. Either way you are still bound to get a few things you aren’t used to. The goal (at least for me) is use more and waste less. Therefore, each week I will be making a plan to use up all of the items through either consumption or preserving (canning or freezing).  In the week following my CSA post I will include recipes I use and link them back to the veggie list on the CSA post.

Garlic Scapes- 2 – chopped and used to make a compound butter, freezing for later use.

Rhubarb- 1 pint bag – Used to make a dessert- likely a pie for a friend’s birthday this weekend. I think rhubarb would be lovely with blueberries (which are also in season!).

Beets- 3 whole with greens- Beets roasted and then marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and sea salt. Beet greens– sauteed with garlic and lemon

Snow peas- 1 bag- Stir fried with garlic (from below) sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds- served with grilled chicken breast (lunch today!)

Soft neck garlic- 1 head – Use in regular garlic places.  FYI-fresh garlic is SUPER juicy and slightly less pungent than the garlic you are used to getting at the super market, the cloves were bright white and when I put it through a garlic press it yielded quite a bit of juice (YUM).

Green onions- 5 stalks- Used with spinach to make mini spanakopita cups.  The rest will most likely be used in a salad.

Cilantro- 1 bunch – Fresh Pico de gallo or sautéed with spinach to be served with grilled fish.

Parsley- 1 bunch – Tabbouleh (maybe?).

Spinach- 1 medium bag –Used in mini spanakopita cups and in salad.

Recipes to come later this week!




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