CSA Week 2

I finished up week one of my CSA and it was everything I hoped for and then some. I was able to eat tons of fresh produce, and it encouraged me to think outside the box. I added beet greens to my spanakopita and I used blueberry and rhubarb together with delicious results (recipe coming soon!). I will admit I let ½ of the bag of spinach wilt but it was truly on accident as it was over 100 degrees in Denver for 5 days straight. I was able to use everything else with the only leftover being parsley- which I will combine with this week’s parsley to make a big batch of tabbouleh.

Below I have listed what I got in my CSA this week and what I plan to do with it. As I make and post recipes I will link back to this page.

7 spring/green onions- I am going to use these in the black beans (from last week’s CSA!) with onion, jalapeno, cilantro and lime. I am also going to use them in pico de gallo I am making to go with tonight’s mexi-feast.

3 beets- pickled and canned, my mom’s favorite preparation and a good way to preserve them. For the greens I am going to sauté them with fresh garlic and lemon juice and serve it with grilled swordfish (one of the boyfriend’s favorites).

1 pint bag rhubarb- blueberry rhubarb tart- I made one last week and it was so good I’m making it again and this time I’ll blog about it.

1 bag snow peas- it was a small bag this week, and I already ate most of them fresh!

2 garlic scapes– my basil plant is doing quite well so I think I will make a basil/ garlic scape pesto this week.

1 bunch spinach- I am going to use this in a strawberry caprese spinach salad, which will also be using my basil, served with balsamic vinaigrette and maybe with grilled chicken depending if we eat it for dinner or lunch.

1 head garlic- to be used in normal garlic places, specifically in the black beans and also in the balsamic dressing for the salad(s).

1 head butter lettuce- this is quite possibly my favorite sandwich lettuce. So, sandwiches. I also love it to use it as a lettuce cup for tuna salad (the kind of lettuce cup you eat instead of bread, not the kind that is just for plate decoration).

1 bunch curly parsley- I won’t  lie,  I’m not a huge fan of curly parsley, I think flat leaf is much more flavorful.  I still have the parsley from last week in the fridge in a mason jar with a little water (FYI- this is the best way to store herbs) so I think I will use both of them together to make the tabbouleh this week.

1 bunch cilantro- will be used today in black beans and pico de gallo I am one of those people who LOVES cilantro, I could eat it every day.

1 bag dried white navy beans- saved for later use.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the fresh seasonal produce as much as I am!



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